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A checklist of common weeds of Cambodia

Robert J. MARTIN,

Agricultural Systems Research (Cambodia) Co. Ltd.
*Corresponding author:


This paper reports the occurrence of 226 species with weed potential in Cambodia from 46 families and 162 genera. The most species were recorded for Poaceae (43), followed by Fabaceae (36), Asteraceae (19), Cyperaceae (17) and Malvaceae (13). The species are presented with Khmer name, English name, scientific name, authority and habitats they are found in. Habitats included are: forest margins; roadsides; grasslands; cultivation; upland crops; wetlands; waterways; and rice paddies. Overall, Fabaceae and Poaceae were the families with most species represented. In upland crop fields, Asteraceae and Poaceae were the most represented, whereas Cyperaceae and Poaceae were the most represented families in wetlands, waterways and rice paddies. A total of 67 species are common weeds in upland crop fields and 74 species are common weeds in rice paddies.