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Management of tomato leaf curl virus disease transmission by whiteflies vector

Sokol YEM, Socheth ONG, Hong CHEANG, Sophal VAR, Sreynich EAM, Bunseng LAM 
Department of plant protection, Faculty of Agronomy, Royal University of Agriculture, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

*Corresponding author:


In this paper, Tomato leaf curl disease which caused by Tomato leaf curl (ToLCV) and tomato leaf curl virus and damaged 80-90% yield losses was found in Kompot and Siem Reap provinces, Cambodia. This study was conducted to evaluated the management of tomato leaf curl virus disease and it vector whiteflies in Cambodia. Specifically, this study determined the differences application treatments to controlling insect vector and reduced leaf curl disease severity. There are two types of data collection: crop components and disease assessment. The data were collection after selection four normal size plant from each plot for measuring some parameter like TAS – ELIS. The data disease severity scale, disease incidence and percent disease reduction. Based on the result analysis of symptom severity score of treated plants regardless of induction time showed that those treated with SA has lower symptom severity score than the untreated control within the treatments with Neem extract resulted in symptom severity score at 2 wpi was significant lower mean value of (ss = 0.59, 1.31 and 2.46) and 3wpi showed result (ss = 2.44, 2.85 and 4.29) as compared to control. There was a significant reduction of ToLCV disease incidence in all the treatments compared with the untreated control which trial A, disease incidence at 2 wpi was lower in plants treated with treatment of T1 at 10, 15 and 20dbi having means value (12% to 18%) as compared with the control and tria Management, l B, incidence at 3 wpi was high in treated plant that the untreated control (Fig B). In case of treatments plants, the three treatments at 10dbi incidence had the lowest (less than 12%). The efficacy was affected by difference concentration, and by the induction time depending on the treatment.

Keywords: disease, management, resistance, tomato leaf curl (ToLCV), whiteflies vector.