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December 2020

Volume 2020, Issue 1

Asian Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Safety (AJAES)

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Research Articles

Investing in a no-till planter in Cambodia: A promising opportunity for certain categories of service providers

Pierre-Antoine VERNET, Nicolas FAYSSE, Vuthy SUOS, Nanntha OUNG, Sovanda SON, Vira LENG, Dyna THENG, Timothy RENDALL, Lytour LOR, Manny REYES, Saruth CHAN, Rajiv PRADHAN, Seng VANG, Florent TIVET

Response of hydroponic curly endive to applications of macronutrients via drip irrigation

Sophary KHIN, Mithona PHON, Ratha RIEN, Panha POK, Pao SREAN

Analysis of the cassava yield variation at Cambodia-Thailand border

Vibol PEUO, Songsak MIMGRATOK, Thaworn CHIMLIANG, Yagura KENJIRO, Sutisa CHAIKUL, Phirum

Growth performance and feed intake by cattle fed sorghum silage and rice straw

Pao SREAN, Mach DIN, Koemseang NHOUNG, Sophany MORM, Endang SULISTYOWATI, David ADER

Genetic variation in agronomic traits and yield performances of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) genotypes in response to heat stress

Kim Sreang DY, Sophoanrith RO*, Siranet ROEURN, Sreymey NGOUN, Leangsrun CHEA, Penghieng THEAM, Sathya LIM, Rathana SOR, Malean ROEUN, Kosal MEAS