Current Issue
June 2021

Volume 2021, Issue 1

Asian Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Safety (AJAES)

Research Articles

The effect of planting time on cassava yield and the
risk of crop failure in Northwest Cambodia

Sophanara Phan, Wonprasaid Sodchol, Montgomery Stephanie

Women farmers preferences of improved tools and impact of conservation agriculture practices on yield and profitability of commercial vegetable home gardens in Cambodia

Sreynget LO, Sothea RIEN, Channaty NGANG, Manuel R. REYES, Pao SREAN 

Effect of different rates of cassava leaves hay on growth performance and fecal parasitic eggs in gastrointestinal cattle

Sophany MORM, Sansophorn KONG, Sophea IV

Management of tomato leaf curl virus disease transmission by whiteflies vector

Sokol YEM, Socheth ONG, Hong CHEANG, Sophal VAR, Sreynich EAM, Bunseng LAM

Combination of vermicompost and mineral fertilizer on growth and yield of romaine lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. longifolia Lam)

Sreyneth THEOURN, Sambo PHEAP, Bungseng LAM, Jared WILLIAMS, Sophoanrith RO